About semivideo

Semivideo is a Flash-based format of motion media. Still it’s a new format of visual art. Semi- comes from a conclusion it’s not exactly stills and not exactly video. Semivideo is something in between. Something different. By setting up this kind of technology we tried to bring on air tool which would give photographers, designers, artists and creators of any kind power to express their vision in a new way.

In early 60-s Andy Warhol started to create his «screen tests». We enhanced the technique with interaction through the web. Mouse gesture turns image «alive». Still image gains one more sense: sense of time. Creating three dimensional depth of reality.

Take a look at other artists work in our semivideo gallery section. Add your own works and share it with your friends and online visitors.

Semivideo project was brought to you in 2009 by «1Forma» creative team.